Rocking A Blog to Emphasize A Social Business

I always learn a lot when I travel to Florida Realtors® meetings, especially Convention. This year, I think there were more technology, social media, and marketing classes than I remember from previous years. So basically, it was right up my alley, and I was a very happy girl.

I sat through session on blogging (Rock Your Blog with Amy Smythe Harris) and took a ton of notes. What struck me most was that I knew most of what she was talking about, but I never remember to tell YOU! I also sat through a session led by Nobu Hata, Director of Digital Engagement at NAR, called “Taking Social Media to a Whole New Level.” I nodded my head a lot through that one, too.

I can’t put everything in one blog post – no one wants to read through that. Well, you don’t unless you’re a blogging and social media junkie like I am. I’ll share highlights and bullet points, and if you want to know more or have questions, let me know! I love to talk about this stuff.

From “Rock Your Blog”

  • Websites need to be hybrids – searching capability and blog. Google likes content that is updated and added regularly.
  • Brand Your Blog (website) – it’s not about your name. It’s about what you’re representing in your business. Examples:,, and (my friend Dale Chumbley’s site) Take a look at these sites to see how it can be done well.
  • Social Object – I’ve said this before, but in order to engage with people, you have to seem authentic, like a real person. Yes, you can (and should) blog about market stats, the local neighborhood, whatever your area has to offer, and more, but post about something that is meaningful to you. At, she blogs about mojitos. Amy (the presenter) blogs about shoes. People search for something other than real estate (like shoes), find Amy, and then connect with her on a topic that has nothing to do with real estate – but they call her when they have a real estate need.
  • Google Alerts – You can receive email alerts anytime specific terms are mentioned online: your name, your website URL, your Twitter handle, your listing addresses (Nobu highly recommends that one). Go to to set up alerts which will come to your email. You need to know what other people are saying about you – and your listings.

From “Taking Social Media to a Whole New Level”

I like Nobu – I’ve been attending sessions he’s a part for a couple of years. He tells it like it is, and when he explains what to do (or not to do) with regards to social media, it makes sense. I have a lot of, “Oh, DUH” moments because I feel like I should have known but I didn’t think of it. He’s a smart guy.

  • Websites need to be social. Writing a blog post and responding to comments that people leave – that’s social. But you need to audit your website – how does it look on a phone or a tablet? If people can’t read it, they’ll leave.
  • Blog topic ideas: define the terms in a contract; define commonly used terms in the transaction; explain why certain services are important (home inspection, title insurance, etc.); questions you’re asked by customers/clients.
  • Don’t be scared of Zillow and it’s zestimates. You have information Zillow and Trulia can’t provide – you have knowledge and data. Use it. Customers and clients don’t understand the value of Realtor® – until you provide them information no one else can.
  • It takes people 10.4 sources of information to make a decision. The more information your website has, the more likely they are to decide on you.
  • Bottom line from Nobu – the whole web is social and it requires work AND your job online is to protect your reputation, protect your clients/customers, and protect your listings. If you remember that, you’re ahead of the game.

Like I said in the beginning, there’s so much more I could tell you from these sessions, but no one has time to read it. If you’re interested in blogging or trying to be more social media savvy in your business, give me a call, send me an email, whatever works – I’m happy to share what I know and point you in the right direction for good resources.

~Michaela Mitchell, ECAR Communications Director

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